Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pride and Prejudice Book Club

First I'd like to think everyone who responded with their interest in (re) reading Pride and Prejudice. I am going to keep this very low key since this is my first blogging book club. I will list the chapters I am going to read for the week on Saturday along with some kind of comments about what I've read so far. I will put the entire reading schedule below. This could be questions I have about the book, a blog post or who knows. It will be something related to the book though. If you would like, you can link up using McLinky or simply leave a comment. That's it! :) I am looking forward to reading this classic with everyone. 

week 1  March 20-27       Read chapters 1-10
week 2  March 27-April 3  Read chapters 11-20
Week 3 April 4-April 10     Read chapters 21-30
Week 4 April 10-17           Read Chapters 31-40
Week 5 April 18-24           Read Chapters 41-50
Week 6 April 25-May 1      Read Chapters 51-61


Friday, March 19, 2010

7 Quick Takes for Friday +1

1. My nephew got married last Saturday. It was a beautiful wedding and everyone had a lovely time. You can take a look at some of the photos I took on My Wordless Wednesdaypage. 

2. I got my camera back! It had been damaged and I sent it to Nikon because it was still under warranty. I got it back just in time for the rehearsal dinner. Thanks Nikon!

3. I went to the Doctor Tuesday to discuss some test results and  the doctor thinks that there could be something wrong with my gall bladder. 

4. I had to go to the medical center in Houston yesterday to have a sonogram on my gall bladder. I hate driving in traffic. Thankfully my daddy drove me! I should no the results no later than Tuesday or Wednesday. I am hoping that it can be treated without surgery. 

5. My mom, dad and sister are still staying with us. They do not know how long they are going to be here. It depends on #3 and #4

6. Sophie absolutely adores having her Aunt Donna here right now. She loves her aunt almost as much as her Mommy and Daddy. I am not looking forward to my sister going home. Sophie will miss her greatly and so will I. 

7. I recently joined two more book reviews. They are Glass Road Public Relations and
I have yet to receive any books though. Some are in the mail-hopefully. 

8. I just found out about my test results. (See #3 and #4) I have a fatty liver. They couldn't find any gall stones but my gall bladder was elongated and they are referring me to a hepatologist to see if he can figure out what's wrong. 


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Update/ I need Thee Every Hour

I would like to think everyone for their kind words and prayers as I went to the doctor Tuesday. Here's what happened. My liver enzyme levels are through the roof. He wasn't sure why that was till I talked about having green bathroom moments (stool ect.) and now he thinks it's my gall bladder. I go to the Medical Center in Houston tomorrow for a sonagram on my gall bladder, liver, and pancreas. That will tell him if I need to have surgery or not. I will be driving to down town Houston to the Medical Center. Please keep me in your prayers. I am nervous about driving down there.
 I am trying really hard not to worry out about this. You think that growing up in a Christian home and making Christ my Savior when I was a teenager would make you better to handle these "bumps in the road" but that doesn't seem the case. Thankfully God is a God of Grace and Mercy. The song "I need Thee Every Hour" keeps playing in my head. What a wonderful reminder how much we need our Savior and wonderful fact that He is always there! I especially like the version of the song by Selah. I pray that this ministers to you as it does me.

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Wordless Wednesday


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Simple Woman's Day book for March 16, 2010

Outside my window... clouds and rain coming
I am thinking... my hubby. Wishing he could be here with me.
I am thankful for... my mom going to the dr. with me.
From the kitchen...clean and shiney
I am wearing.. jeans, shirt, and shoes
I am creating... water color painting
I am going... to the doctor today. My last test results came back not so good.
I am reading... Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin
I am hoping... that the news isn't to bad at the doctor's office
I am dog running up and down the hall playing
Around the house... my parents and sister are here
One of my favorite things... snuggling with my girls Rosie and Sophie
A few plans for the rest of the week: get to feeling better and get back into sewing again.
Here is picture for thought I am sharing..


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