Thursday, October 29, 2009

10 Positives of Celiacs disease

I ran across this when I was reading the retrohousewives blog and I absolutely love it. For once a positive spin on celiac disease. So often it written about as if it was a death sentence. I modified it slightly . Enjoy! :)

Top 10 positives of Celiac Disease
Okay well Ive had my pity party and now Im choosing to look at the positive side. This is a more serious top 10 list but I have a funny one planned for a later date.

Top 10 positives of Celiacs disease

1-I never have to worry about packing on the pounds during the holidays

2-Most Halloween candy is no longer a temptation

3-Ive learned to like veggies

4-Vitamins are now mandatory not just taken when I remember because “they” say you should

5-Its forced me to think before I eat which has led to much less mindless eating when Im not hungry out of boredom

6-I eat less fast food and am healthier for it,( some fast food chains have gluten free options but I don’t trust a 16 year old to give a hoot about my gut and don’t trust that there isn’t cross contamination )

7-I have to plan my meals and my snacks, I have to pack food when Im going to be out for the day. I no longer let myself get ravenous and then make horrible food choices by grabbing the first starchy, carby thing I see, its no longer an option

8-Weight bearing exercise is no longer just to look good rather mandatory to maintain bone density so I will be doing it consistently rather then in an “oh my gosh bathing suit season is coming” sort of way.

9-What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

10- Eating the way I have to, lots of fruits and veggies and working out is providing a great example for those around me


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