Wednesday, July 14, 2010

You made me mad-Writer's Workshop #4

You made me Mad!-Writer's Workshop #4

I was trying to help
But clearly that isn't what you felt
Frustrated, irritated, annoyed
That I could do something so simple
so wrong
Who knew when making your lunch
You wouldn't want the pickles on top

I tried to help you out that night
After a long day filled with toil and strife.
Never again will fix your lunch
Now you can go eat out with
the rest of the bunch.


My Flower Bed

My Flower Bed

Well I finally started gardeing again.  I decided to plant the flower bed in my front yard. *Again* Sigh. I  planted some Easter Lillies in this bed back in May but to no avail. They all died! Some of my friends offer me free clippings from their gardens. I'm all about free so I decided to try again. So far so good. They are going on their second week they are still green! 
Here's what's in the bed

The last picture is of my yucca plant. I have no idea what the names of above the plants are. If you have any idea please let me know! Do you have any garden tips, ticks, advice?I'd love to hear them! 

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Captivating: Unveling the Mystery of a Woman's Soul

Book Review: Captivating: Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman's Soul

I am reviewing this book for Book Sneeze

Book Description:
Every little girl has dreams of being swept up into a great adventure and of being the beautiful princess. Sadly, when women grow up, they are often swept up into a life filled merely with duty and demands. Many Christian women are tired and struggling under the weight of the pressure to be a "good servant," a nurturing caregiver, or a capable home manager.By revealing the core desires every woman shares- to be romanced, to play an irreplaceable role in a grand adventure, and to unveil beauty-John and Stasi Eldredge invite women to recover their feminine hearts, created in the image of an intimate and passionate God.Join us as we journey into the deep mysteries of our feminine souls in order to recapture our hearts.

My Review:

When I first saw this book available for review on BookSneeze I was very excited. I had heard excellent things about it. I have to admit I have had a hard time getting into it. Usually once I get stared reading a book I can't put it down. That wasn't the case with Captivating. The writing style is very accessible and there is an abundant use of good quotes and stories which make the book easy to read.John and Stasi remind us that women think, feel, and process differently. In theory, I agree with the authors intentions. The use of scripture often times seemed out of context.I wish they would have done more to describe who I am as a woman loved by God rather than a woman trying to be the princess in a fairytale trying to be found by my prince.

The Authors:
John Eldredge's Biography

John Eldredge is an author (you probably figured that out), a counselor, and teacher. He is also president of Ransomed Heart, a ministry devoted to helping people discover the heart of God, recover their own heart in his love, and learn to live in his Kingdom. John grew up in the suburbs of Los Angeles (which he hated), and spent his boyhood summers on his grandfather’s cattle ranch in eastern Oregon (which he loved). John met his wife Stasi in high school (in drama class). But their romance did not begin until they each came to faith in Christ, after high school. John earned his undergraduate degree in Theater at Cal Poly, and directed a theater company in Los Angeles for several years before moving to Colorado with Focus on the Family, where he taught at the Foc
us on the Family Institute.

John earned his master’s degree in Counseling from Colorado Christian University, under the direction of Larry Crabb and Dan Allender. He worked as a counselor in private practice before launching Ransomed Heart in 2000. John and Stasi live in Colorado Springs with their three sons (Samuel, Blaine and Luke), their golden retriever (Oban), and two horses (Whistle and Kokolo). While all of this is factually true, it somehow misses describing an actual person. He loves the outdoors passionately, and all beauty, Shakespeare, bow hunting, a good cigar, anything having to do with adventure, poetry, March Madness, working in the shop, fly fishing, classic rock, the Tetons, fish tacos, George MacDonald, green tea, buffalo steaks, dark chocolate, wild and open places, horses running, and too much more to name. He also uses the expression “far out” way too much. 

Stasi Eldredge's Biography

Stasi Eldredge loves writing and speaking to women about the goodness of God.
 Stasi received her Bachelors Degree in Sociology from San Diego State University which she attended primarily because it was close to the beach.  She became a Christian her junior year in college and dove into the ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ.  After graduating, Stasi joined Youth for Christ heading up a ministry to pregnant teenagers and teen mothers.  She has been active in ministry. She spent her childhood years in Prairie Village, Kansas for which she is truly grateful.  Her family moved to Southern California back in the really bad smog days when she was ten.  She loved theatre and acting and took a partiaever since including theatre ministry, crisis pregnancy center ministry, women’s ministry and children’s ministry. The Eldredge family moved to Colorado in 1991.

Stasi loves the joy and freedom that comes from knowing the passionate, stunning love of Jesus Christ and lives to see others come to know him more deeply.  She loves worship music, time to bake, celebrating life, getting lost in a good novel, baths, walking in the woods, hearing her son’s laughter, the sound of wind in the trees, a good cup of coffee, the smell of the earth after it rains, a powerful turn of a phrase, animals in the wild, gardens, freshly mowed grass, family traditions, cherished friendships, the Tetons, rivers, mountain lakes, the grace and beauty of horses, the affection of her dog and most of all her family and her God.

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