Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wordless Wednesday 10-24-12 Why I won't be blogging for a bit..........

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Shapely Girl Fitness Week 3 (in review)

It's hard to believe that today starts week four our #shapelygirl fitness review. This month has flown by! If you would like to read all my post about shapely girl click here. Last week was a slow week due to some injuries but I am loving the results I've been seeing. I have lost about 5 more pounds bringing me to to 239. The best part (at least I think so) is that I think I'm starting to look more toned and sculpted. 
Here's how week went:
Monday- it was a rough day and I didn't want to work out because I thought I was too busy (and stressed) to work out. I did though and boy am I glad. It helped me to get things into perspective and to let go of some of the stress. It also gave my energy level a big boost so I could get done everything I needed too!:)
Wednesday-I went to grab for something Tuesday evening and when I did my back felt like it was burning. I also immediately started hurting. Since it was still bothering me on Wednesday I decided not to work out. 
Friday-My back a little better so I decided to the cardio part of the DVD and skip the weight training. It felt good! :)
Saturday I participated in the step up for Down Syndrome walk. I got to support a great cause and got a great workout too! :)

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