Sunday, February 12, 2012

Our Story

My blog sphere contribution to Valentines Day is to share my love story. How husband and I met. It all started long long ago in a Galaxy far far away. Wait wrong story! LOL :) It started way back in high school. My freshman year. I joined some friends at the lunch table and I noticed a new guy sitting there. Instantly I noticed his beautiful blue eyes. Well he introduced himself as Moe  and he was a senior. We talked a little bit and had mutual friends but never really hung out a lot. I had a secret crush on him but he was dating a friend of mine. Well after that year I would think about him occasionally and wonder what happened to him. Well one day I ridding around with my mom when her van broke down. While we were waiting on someone to come help us. This rea4lly cute guy ridding a bicycle stopped to see if we were ok. It was no other than Moe! I remember him looking at me that day while we were waiting for help and his eyes saw into my soul! I never forget that moment as long as I live! Well we tried dating for a while but it never did work after that. So far a while he went his way and I went mine. About ten years later he ran across my my mind for some reason. So I tried looking online to see if I could find him. Well I did and as they say in the movies the rest is history. We've been inseparable ever since. To date we have date 10 years been married 3 years. Every day I love him more! He makes me want to be the best me I can be!  I love baby!

How did you meet you Valentine? 

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