Sunday, November 13, 2011

burn baby burn

Well everything was calm and peaceful until two weeks ago. We had somewhere to be one evening so I decided to heat up some leftovers and cook some veggies. Well I put a pot of water on the stove. Without realizing it I did not put the pot all the way on the stove. It was hanging on the edge. Well then I went about doing other errands to get ready for that evening. Then I suddenly remembered that I needed to check on the water on the stove. It was boiling. Well I go to take the vegetables out of the freezer and in the process I drop something. In the process of straightening up and putting the vegetables in the pot I managed to knock the pot off the stove. I spilt buring hot water all over my left arm and leg!
   To say the pain was intense was an understatement. I was screaming! I couldn't think! I just felt like I was on fire! I don't know how I thought of this (I say it's a total God thing!) that I had the were with all to run cool water on my arm and leg to help with the burning. After about 10 minutes in which the burning did not stop I decided I needed to call my hubby and what had happened! Long story short-he got home and we headed straight to the emergency room. I have second and third degree burns on my arm and first and second degree burns on my leg.
I have pictures if you would like to see them but I am warning you they are gross! I had blisters the size of my palm on my arm and leg!
Thankfully I am slowly but surely healing. My husband has been a saint! He's been so patient, gentle and loving. He's done house work, changed by dressings, wiped my tears and so much more all without complaint. Thank you sweetie! I will never doubt your love again! :)
Through it all God has given me much a peace. I just have to focus my eyes on Him and take one thing at a time. Not worry about the holidays, the fiances, my never ending to do just take one moment at a time and focus on Him step of the way.

Have you ever had something that God was trying to teach you that you only seem to get when you learned it the hard way?

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