Friday, August 19, 2011

Girls Weekend Social Hop!

Hey everyone! Hope you are having an amazing Friday So far! Just to let you know, their is a Girls Weekend Social Hop Going on you might wanna come Join IN ON!! Debbie over at Thrifty & Frugal by Debbie is hosting this event. You can like up all social networks along with your blog!! Gain tons of new followers!!

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Guest Post: Who are you living for?

Hey guys! I 'm gonna be out having some medical test done today so I've invited my blogging friend Jodi Chapman to fill in for me. She'll be talking about people pleaseing. This is somthing I struggle with. Before we get to the post I wanna share a little with out about Jodi. 

Jodi Chapman writes Soul Speak – a daily blog that focuses on seeing life through a lens of gratitude and positivity. She is the bestselling author of the Soulful Journals series – writing-prompt journals that help you go within and get to know yourself better. She is also the author of the upcoming book, Go For It! She believes that our thoughts become our reality, and our actions lead us to our dreams. She is happily married to her best friend and co-writer, Dan Teck. They live in southern Oregon with their four fuzzy 

Who Are You Living For?

This is a really important (and sometimes really hard) question to answer.
In an ideal world, we are living for ourselves and only doing things that make us feel great and are on our authentic path.
But…it doesn’t always work this way. It’s normal to want to please others. It’s normal to want to be liked. But ask yourself at what expense are you willing to sacrifice your own wants and desires to fit in.

hink of how you live and the decisions you have made and continue to make.
Are you making them based on what you think people will want or expect you to do?
Are you making them because someone else’s voice (a parent, a spouse, a friend) is inside of you directing how you live?
Are you making them because you don’t want to upset anyone?
Are you making them because that’s how you’ve always done it?
And now think about how you want to live. The answers are always within us if we just take the time to listen.
As the answers come to you, write them down. And as you write them down, make sure that it is your authentic voice coming up with the answers. This is an exercise that you can keep coming back to with every part of your life – every decision, every action you make, every second of how you live your day.
Make sure you are living YOUR life – whatever that means for YOU. 
There may be friction…
Sometimes when you start coming into your own power – your own authentic self – the self you know you were meant to be – friction occurs with those around you. When someone we love changes, it can sometimes be seen as threatening. It can bring up emotions, fears, and questions about our own life. This is why so many people resist it and why so many of us live lives that we know aren’t our best lives – comfortable, “I’m not rocking the boat” lives. And through this process of finding your own voice, you may have to let go of the voices you have carried within you – and this may mean letting go just in your mind or letting go of that person in reality as well.
Sometimes the perceived friction is only in our heads…
We all know how active our imaginations can be. When we are consciously deciding to live our best lives, we can start imagining how rocking the boat will lead to anger, disconnect, and complete withdrawal from those we love. We just know they won’t support us or understand this new person we are becoming. We get ourselves all worked up just thinking about showing them our authentic self. We are so afraid we won’t be accepted. And sometimes we aren’t. But more often than not, our loved ones completely support us and are completely okay with our changes. And we wonder why we were so worked up about it in the first place.
Showing ourselves and the world who we really are can be a scary, vulnerable place. But it can also be an empowering place. You get to be you – fully you.
If we stay conscious and continue to examine each moment of how we live, we will learn more and more about ourselves and get closer to living our authentic life.
Now that’s worth living for!

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pour my heart out Wednesday: Sophie Sue

Most of you know that we've had trouble with our daschund Sophie lately. She  suddently decided to pee in the middle of our living room floor.We tried everything to get her to stop and to figure out what the cause.After much deliberation, and tears we decided to give her Sophie to my mother in law. After all She gave her to us about 4-5 years ago. I miss her but I don't miss her that much. I miss her wet, sloppy kisses,  I miss her puppy paws tapping across the wood floors, and I miss her barking when someone was close to the door. But other than that I'm good.  Is that awful?  I believe that God gave her to us for a reason, We got her during a dark time in our family. My hubby and I were both out of work and I was seriously depressed. I believed that God used to help through a rough patch.. Here lately she had been different though. Even before she started urinating in the middle of the living room floor. She would just sit around and mop all day. She would only come to life after her daddy got home.
I am honestly surprised that i didn't take her leaving harder. I am starting to question my sanity because I didn't get that upset. . My hubby says I j let it go and enjoy my new found peace and healthiness. I just hope and pray that Sophie Sue blesses my mother in law as much as she has us.
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Monday, August 15, 2011

Word's to Live By Volume 3

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