Monday, August 26, 2013

5 fast facts about my family

1.My hubby and I both hate being late. We like to be early to on time
2. Our favorite TV show is M.A.S.H.
3. My hubby is an only child and I am the youngest out of five. This sometimes makes life VERY interesting
4. My cat Rosie likes to lay on my lap any time I am working at my desk. She also likes to sleep under the covers at the foot of my bed (does anyone else's cat like to sleep under the covers? )
5.We collect all manner of Dachshund items to decorate our house with. From Doxie fabric to Doxie salt and pepper shakers, to Doxie Beanie Babies and more! After all, we love our Doxie Sophie Sue.

What are five unique facts about your family?
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