Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Homekeepers Journal for October 19, 2011

In my kitchen this week- lots of dehydrating and freezing fresh produce. I discovered a new store this weekend called Joe V.'s and it has incredible prices especially on produce! 

Around the house-Not a lot. I was planning on getting started on some serious house cleaning today since my parents will be coming for a visit in less than a month. However my stomach is really upset this morning so I'm taking it easy. 

The family-Hubby's schedule has slowed down a bit so he's been able to help around the house more. It's such a blessing to have a hubby who likes to help around the house. The girls are good both of them shedding their summer coats for thicker ones. Fur is everywhere! 

New projects-Nothing really new just trying to continue working on my Christmas projects. I have about 60+ days to get all the projects done.

Ideas-really want to try freeze ahead meals. Has anyone tried this? If so what's been your experince? 

Light Bulb moments-Just trying to be more positve and have a brighter outlook. It's amazing how changing your outlook  really affects things. 

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