Friday, November 27, 2009

The first one is the hardest, right?

Well I made it! Well sort of. I just finished my first holiday celebration since being diagnosied with celiac disease. It was a challenge to say the least. You know how crave something you can't have. Well that's how I felt the whole time. I craved everything-from the gravy, pies, candies, cakes and especially the dressing! All of which are big no-no's when you have celiacs disease. I did good at first. We had a Thanksgiving meal and service at our church Wednesday night. There were several things that I could eat so I just loaded up on them and tried not to look or think about the rest. Well that worked until my hubby came to the table with Key Lime Pie. Well that's when my defense fell. Looking at the pie and hearing everyone at the table talk about the pie was just overwheleming. I reasoned that it would be alright if I didn't eat the crust. Yeah right! I was in the bathroom later that evening atoning for my sin!
Today we had our family Thanksgiving dinner. Well our "adopted family" Thanksgiving dinner. Matt and I had dinner this year with a couple from our church who has taken us under their wings. We are so blessed to know them. THey are wonderful, down to Earth people. I will do better today I vowed and not eat the things that I know or suspect might have gluten. "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can," I kept telling myself. Then they mentioned pecan pie and cranberry cheesecake. The battle was over before it had even begun. I kept telling myself it can't hurt me really bad, can it? Yes, It can. When a person who is allergic to gluten eats gluten it the immune system to attack the villi in the intestines and destroy them. Without villi your body is unable to absorb food no matter how much one eats. This point was brought home to earlier this evening. We was reading an update on a friend of ours who has cancer. She had to stop chemo treatment because she was having allergic reactions to the chemo. Her body was telling her to stop because it could kill her. That's when it dawned on me-CAROL THAT IS WHAT YOUR BODY IS TELLING YOU WHEN YOU EAT GLUTEN-TO STOP! IT CAN KILL YOU!
I am determined now more than ever to stop eating any gluten no matter how hard it will would be. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as this will be especially difficult around the holidays. Pray that I will not falter especially when my loved ones are eating things that I know I can't eat.
Thanks everyone!
PS Here's a link that will give you more information about celiac diesease :


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