Friday, November 2, 2012

Shapely Girl Fitness Wrap Up and Give away

For the past month I have had the pleasure of participating in the Shapely Girl Fitness Review/Challenge. At first I was dreading this review. I mean who likes to exercise. However, this review has showed me how much I need to exercise and that I actually enjoy exercise when I do it.

The DVD I chose to review was Debra Mazda's Let's Get Moving 2, Cardio Toning with weights. I didn't think I could get much toning with only using 5lb weights. I was pleasantly proven wrong. I love that Debra has a circle time on her video. In her circle time she talks with women of all different shapes and sizes about being healthy. I didn't watch the circle time part of the video but I did find it refreshing to watch once a week. It was a great reminder to fitness and healthy living one day and one step at at time.

Another thing about the DVD I love was the premixes. Debra gives you a variety of workouts with different links to choose from. I love this fact because some days I just seem to have more time than others. I usually did one longer work out a week mixed with two shorter ones. I found this worked great with my schedule and also kept the workout from becoming monotonous.

I also think through this DVD I became more confident in myself. I felt comfortable working out with the ladies on the DVD. We were all relatively the same size where as when I work out at the gym I often feel intimidated by the smaller, healthier looking ladies. I think that because I felt more confident I was able to begin dealing with issues involving over eating. I still have a long way to go but because I feel more secure in myself I am beginning to make progress in this area.

I did make some small strides in my fitness level this month (well at least till I hurt my hand. Warning: picture is not for those with weak stomachs or who are easily grossed out! ). I was reminded what a great stress reliever and energizer exercising is! Here's a pic  of me on the last day of the workout
If you'd like to see how my measurements changed check out this link  

Injuring my hand and being unable to work out for the last week and a half has definitely but a dent in things but as soon as I am able I will be doing cardio and toning again with Debra and the gang! Now, I'd like to give you a chance to get your own copy of Debra's Let's Get Moving 2, Cardio and Toning. Just enter the giveaway below. The drawing will be held on November 11/11/12
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