Monday, March 29, 2010

Life Before and After

Life Before and After

During this Holy Week as we remember Christ death, burial and resurrection. I‘d think back to before I knew Christ as my Savior. I grew up in the Baptist church. In fact I go as far as to say that I was even conceived Baptist. I remember church being just a place that we had to go. Just like going to the grocery store, or gas station. I heard people talk of Jesus and life and death on the cross but I didn’t think that was real. That some how Jesus was just some story that grown ups told. In junior high I went down the pastor and making a profession of faith because my mother wanted me to not because I asked Jesus into my heart. I would act like a Christian- praying, being kind, inviting other to church and all the other things believers were supposed to but it was all a fake. I went on with this pseudo Christianity until college. In college, I was blessed with some wonderful Godly roommates. Living with 3 other girls you get to know each other really well. They had such a genuine love for God and a peace like I had never seen before. I had to find out more about it. It in my dorm room, my first semester of college that I genuinely asked Jesus to come into my heart.
Now I can’t imagine life without Him. . I am still amazed by His love and by the fact that God sent his only son to die on the cross for our sins. Every day with Jesus is sweet and precious. Yes, I still have struggles and trials but there is such comfort in knowing that I am not alone and that He is leading and guiding me. How has Christ impacted you life?
If you like to know more about Jesus I’d be happy to tell you more about Him. Just contact me.

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At March 29, 2010 at 10:33 PM , Blogger Tori Cooper said...

Hi Carol, I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog last week! I hope to see you again on my side of blogger world! :-) In response to your post: I can't believe it's Holy Week already... time flies! I totally know what you mean my growing up in church but living "psuedo christianity"...

I accepted Christ into my life at age of 4 and grew up in the church... but it wasn't until I was older that I finally made a personal decision as an adult to follow christ as a disciple. The amazing thing is that even though I went through a season of not caring about God or Jesus, I look back and realize that God still looked after me... he still had a plan and purpose for my life... even though I was faking it. Each person has to make a personal decision to follow christ... and for many doesn't happen until they are old enough to understand what that means.

It is true what you say, you are not alone... even when people fail you God will never fail you. God is the one we must put our entire trust in... he is faithful and trustworthy... and so patient and kind in our weakness.

From reading your story, it sounds like God had his hand over your life as well... he allowed you to go only so far & then brought you to a place of surrender... wonderful! Yay!

Carol, I'm glad to have come across your blog here in bloggerland via Lady Blogger Society... I get encouraged whenever I read entries from fellow sister's in christ... I love it!

At March 30, 2010 at 7:46 PM , Blogger arlee bird said...

Carol, I have put the link to this site on the Blogging From A to Z blogroll. I hope this is the correct site -- it looked like it anyway. Thank you for joining up with us. If you want to get the logo I have it on today's post. We couldn't get the HTMl code to work correctly so you can download the picture of the Button. Pass the word to any other bloggers and look forward to your first post on Thursday 4/1.


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