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Pride and Prejudice Book Club Answers Week 1

Pride and Prejudice Book Club Answers

Week 1

1. Would you like to live in England during the time that Pride and Prejudice took place? Why or Why not?  I don't think I would. I am afraid I would be out of my mind. All women did in those days was sit around trying to catch a husband and then after the were married raise a family.

2. Do anyone of the characters remind you of anyone you know? 
Mrs. Bennett reminds me of my mother. She was always trying to play match maker with my sisters and I. She would also arrange "situations" where we could enter act with the man she liked for us.  Here matches never did work out.

3.  Charlotte Lucas says "Happiness in marriage is entirely a matter of chance."  What does this statment say about her? Do you agree or this statement? why or why not?  I think that this statement says that she would not marry for love but only for security as so many women did in those days. Some still do. I disagree with this statement. A lot of hard work goes into making a marriage happy. There is no matter of chance about it.

4. Why do you think Darcy is attracted to Elizabeth?
I think he is attracted to Elizabeth because she is not chasing after him. Like other women in the story. I also believe that he is attracted to her because they have similar personalities.

5.  What is your favorite part of the story so far? 
 My favorite part of the story is where Elizabeth goes to see about Jane after she falls ill. First of all, I think that it's sweet that she would walk all that way to go check on her sister. Secondly, I love the interaction of Darcy, Jane, Elizabeth, Mr.Bingley, and Miss Bingley.

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