Friday, March 26, 2010

Pride and Prejudice Book Club Questions Week 1

Pride and Prejudice Book Club
Week 1

First I would like to thank everyone who is participating. While doing research on Jane Austin and Pride and Prejudice I have found some awesome stuff I'd like to share with you.
First of all there is a delightful quiz "Which Austen Heroine Are You?" quiz on  Emma Adaptation 
It turns out I am most like Marrianne Dashwood. Which character are you most like? 
Next I want share with you Jane Austen's World. This blog is a wealth of information for anything and everything related to Jane Austen. I am especially excited about the podcast. I can listen to Pand P when I go to the gym.  Who Hoo! 
 Finally I want to share about the Bronte Along. At this blog they are reading all the Bronte sisters and doing fun things to go along with them. I have picked up up some great ideas. Thanks for sharing about them Casey. 

Here are my questions for this week. I will come back and post my answers on Sunday.Post your answers on your page and link back to this page. You don't have just post answers to the questions you can post anything Jane Austen or Pride and Prejudice related.  Be sure to click on the Create a Link button at the bottom of this post. Enjoy! :)

Week 1 Questions
1. Would you like to live in England during the time that Pride and Prejudice took place? Why or Why not? 

2. Do any of the characters remind you of anyone you know? 

3.  Charlotte Lucas says "Happiness in marriage is entirely a matter of chance."  What does this statement say about her? Do you agree or this statement? why or why not? 

4. Why do you think Darcy is attracted to Elizabeth?

5.  What is your favorite part of the story so far?



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