Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Today has been a Monday-Tuesday if there ever was one. Let me clarify. It is technical Tuesday but since I was off for Labor Day yesterday it feels like Monday. First of all, I went off without my umbrella and I got caught in the middle of a down pour. I eneded up running around town wet. I had just gone to the gym and gotten one shower but I guess I needed another one *sigh*. After that no major hangups till I got home and got ready to sew. First of all, my sewing machine wasn't sewing properly. I couldn't get the tension right. I am using a sewing machine made in the 70's and it won't sew properly unless the tension is just right. Well in the process of trying to adjust the tension I broke my needle. No biggie right? Well I cannot get the screw/bolt thingy that holds the needle to come loose. I will have to wait till Matty gets home and see if he has some small pliers. That's not the worst part.
I am looking at my pattern. Part of it doesn't make sense. It's talking about putting one leg inside of the other to sew the crotch! Witch makes no sense at all to me. I asked my mom and it didn't make sense to her either. She's a seasoned sewer and didn't think it made any sense either. Then I found out that instead of sewing the legs together first I was supposed to overcast! I thought that was what sewing was but no it means to serge the seams.
I am so frustrated with my pajamas! It doesn't seem like it would be that hard but it is! I am thinking that maybe I should put this down and start with something simpler but then i don't want to give up. I tried to ask someone on a sewing website (BTY the Stitcher's Guild Rocks! http://artisanssquare.com) and they only confused me more!
I think that I am just gonna put my needle down for tonight and hope things look better tomorrow!

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