Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pomeranian Queen by John Williams

 FTC:: This post was written for CM Books, who provided the complimentary product in exchange for my honest review.

About the Book:
Title: Pomeranian Breed of a Queen
Author: John Williams
Genre: Non-Fiction, Pets, Dogs
Length: 36 pages approx
Publisher: Flask Of Oil LLC (March 22, 2013)


If you have a Pomeranian or would like to own one, this book is for you. Do you know that Pomeranian have a history with two specific queens? You will learn who they are in the book: “Pomeranian – Breed Of A Queen.” It covers most every topic that will apply to your Pom and provides associated charts you can source for practical and immediate application to your pet.
It discusses the immediate issues like:
• Your Pom moving into your home
• Housetraining
• Routine Care
• Toys
• Diet & Exercise
It also discusses underlying issues like:
• Eye problems
• Hypoglycemia in puppies less than three months old
• Thyroid problems

These and other issues discussed in this book. As a long time owner and researcher of dog breeds, I enjoy compiling useful information all in one place to serve loving pet owners in the care of their pets. You do not have to buy multiple books to find the information that you need.
You will read about:
• Grooming
• Food quality
• Special diets for special times
• Deciding to show your Pomeranian
• Three ways to potty-train
• Illnesses native to the Pomeranian breed

Most people buy a puppy and care for it based on what they have learned as a kid or what their friends or family did. You can equip yourself with the information that you need to give your dog the best care that he/she deserves. Buy your copy of “Pomeranian – Breed Of A Queen” today!

My Thoughts About the Book:
 I love learning more about dogs and this book does not disappoint. This book is very informative. It gives you the history of the Pomeranian (which is very interesting) along with information about caring for your own Pomeranian. The book is full of illustrations of these adorable dogs. I think this book would be a delightful read for any dog or animal lover.  

About the Author:

John Williams – A 25+ year aviation professional, pet enthusiast, musician and writer, leads a highly professional team in the publishing of quality books that educate and entertain the reader. John has published three titles: “Take Charge of Your Aviation Career,” the five star rated: “Bichon Frise - Unique Among Dogs” and “Pomeranian – Breed of A Queen.” John’s goal is to write quality books that serve the reading community with enthusiasm and excellence. For more information please go to his Amazon Author link at:

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