Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Fragments #2

********** I am a stage manager at the local playhouse. I love it! I get to meet the actors and help get ready for shows. Best of all I get to watch the plays for free! Easy work and a lot of fun to instead of spending $15-30 to watch the play. I usually work about 1 or 2 plays a showing.Not bad at all in my book.******

********** I won a pair of shoes from Nike and Dr. Oz.  I'm so excited. I have been using the excuse that I need new shoes to exercise. Not anymore! What do you think of them?***************************

********Unfortunately I did not complete reading the Bible through in 90 days. Things are just to hectic right now with school, work and studying. I might try it in the summer but for now I am reading the Bible through in a year***************************

**********I was on TV Tuesday Night. A friend of mine Rickywayne is on A and E's show Heavy. Well we all had a celebration party when he came home. The camera crew videoed all of us at the party. I had no idea they were going to air me hugging Rickywayne. I'm the girl in the orange.  I was so excited and a  embarrassed to see me on TV.  It's cool now. My second claim to fame after winning the shoes. You can watch HEAVY and see me here. ********

**** Work has it's busy and then it has dry spells. I am just trusting the Lord to provide and trying to work as much as possible.*******
****My hubby has been working 7-12's. The money is sure nice but I hate being a working widow. Can't there be a happy medium?***********

**** Saturday I made chili well I was really tired after I cooked the cornbread so I sat the cornbread on the table and went to rest a bit. Well why I was resting my darling dachshund Sophie jumped from the couch on top of the table and ate over half my pan of cornbread! It was so not funny at the time but now I think it's hilarious! I hope it made you laugh too! **************

Everyone have a safe and happy weekend

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At January 28, 2011 at 7:48 AM , Blogger Diana Ferguson said...

I'm doing the "One Year Bible" plan.

At January 28, 2011 at 9:33 AM , Blogger Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Hey, I know a famous TV person now!


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