Thursday, January 6, 2011

Friday Fragments #1

Friday Fragments
*****Wow! This first full week of the New Year has flown by. Well not really, It's actually dragged along. Only the last two days-since I went back to work. I'm grateful to be working though don't get me wrong! :)

***** I started my professional development class on Monday. We are reading a book entitled The Trouble with Boys: A Surprising Report Card on Our Sons, Their Problems at School and what Parents and Educators must do.  by Peg Tyre. It's been a surprisingly interesting read. I knew most boys at school act different than girls but then they are boys right?!. It turns out that most boys are falling through the cracks of the educational system! Why do you think so and how should we fix it? There is no right or wrong answer to this question, I am just curious what others think.******

*****I started reading the Bible through in 90 days on Tuesday. It's been great! God's Word is so powerful! It's nice to know that modern families aren't the only ones with "issues" We finished the book of Genesis. I hope I am able to keep up with the reading because next week is going to be even more hetic. ****

**** I do not know how I survived without my Android phone. I love it! <3 <3 <3! It has everything in one convenient location. My bible, a GPS, calendar, pedometer, games, mp3 player. You name it-they have it. If you don't have one I highly recommend that you get one. They are worth the cost. *****

***** I have not been able to study like I have wanted to for my special education certification test. Their is just not enough hours in the day! I think it is really about my lack of motivation. I am not even sure I want to teach anymore. My long term right before the holidays really has me questioning the teaching profession and education these days. I honestly cant seem me teaching for 30+ more years. I don't know what I am going to do. If you don't mind, will you pray that the Lord give me wisdom and guidance in what to do. Thanks ;) ****
*****Went back to the track today. I'm so embarrassed. I did a 20 minute mile! Right before the holidays I did 2 miles in 20 minutes! I almost passed out when I did it but hey I did it! :)To much pumpkin pie and brownies for me during Christmas. I'm gonna get back on the old bandwagon.*****

****I am very please with how my Motivational Monday turned and the response it received. I am going to make it a weekly feature and create a banner.Thanks for tuning in. ********

*****My fellow bloggers, I wanted to invite you to a Top Ten Music Countdown Blog fest over at my friends Alex's blog. Alex, I just have one question for you, only 10? I can't even decide on 10 favorite songs for the year much less ever! I'm gonna try though. :) *****

****One last thing my fellow bloggers. I have a spammer who constant post a spam comment on a certain post. I delete the comment and he/she comes backs and post another one. Is there any way I can block the person from posting on my blog? It so aggravating!****

How was your first full week of 2011? I hope it was a great one! Have a wonderful weekend.

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At January 7, 2011 at 1:19 PM , Blogger Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Do you have a time limit on when comments require owner approval? I set mine to four days. Then if I see a comment I know is spam, I mark it as spam. Then the next time they comment, it'll go straight to the spam folder.


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