Thursday, January 26, 2012

Friday Fragments 1-27-11

1. This Saturday will move back into our house after living with my mother in law for almost three months. Our foundation and plumbing is finally fixed! Thank you Jesus! I have learned a lot from living with my mother in law. It's all good.-I promise.and I'll be sharing it soon! :)

2. My hubby is leaving Monday to go on a business trip to New Hampshire for a week starting Monday. He and I haven't been apart since we got married 3 and a half years ago. I'm glad for little time away but I'm already missing him too! (and the crazy part is-he has't even gone yet! :) LOL

3. Work is keeping me busy. For those of you who don't know. I am substitute  teacher who is currently working in a severe and profound special education classroom. It's very challenging but also very rewarding.

4. Today one of my students (I'll call her Lucy) "discovered" bubbles. I think it might have been the first time she's ever seen them! She doesn't talk but her joy and laughter when they floated by her warmed my heart! It's such a blessing to me to get to love on and work with these kids

5. Unfortunately my students don't always have the best hygiene skills. Between the crazy Texas weather and it being cold and flu season everyone it seems has been sick. Unfortunately, I think it may be my turn. I'm gonna get of this thing, take some medicine and go to bed. 
Have a great weekend everybody! 

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At January 27, 2012 at 11:27 AM , Blogger Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Glad you're back in your own house! And I didn't do very well the first time my wife and I were separated for any length of time. So I bet he misses you as well.


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