Friday, September 2, 2011

My Sweeet Babbo

Sunday will make the 3 anniversary of me being married to my sweet baboo. My Sweet Baboo  is a very understanding, loving, generous, good man.  I know that what we have works because of who he is.  And while he is most definitely a very manly man, masculine- he is willing to do whatever it takes to help me-even do housework! He is my best friend and knows how to make me laugh when no one else can.

It took me awhile to truly trust him.  I had issues and on top of that, my issues had baggage.  Was I screwed up? You bet.  To say I was skittish is a major understatement.  I had scars and scares and fears and freak outs I needed to get rid of.  It took me almost ten years to agree to marry him because I was so skittish. And over the years, his patience and unwavering, unconditional love helped me heal.  And chocolate.  He knows I love almost anything chocolate!

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Consistent, constant, unwavering, unconditional, total, complete, and a totally passionate love.  That is what he gives me.  Though he is not perfect I believe that he gives me a great example of the Father's love.

Sometimes I look at him and am blown away by this man.  He is a gift from God just for me.   He believes in me, my talents, and abilities. He wants me to thrive.  He loves me, totally.

I think both of us have to be a crazy.  It takes a crazy person to move in with another person and develop a life-time relationship with someone who is so absolutely totally opposite of oneself and to expect it to work!

 Sweet Baboo's  expressions of love still astound me.   Truly, he makes it very easy to love him and he makes it fun to share this life with.

He just flat out loves me.  ME!  He LOVES me.  He loves ME.  HE loves me.  Wow.!

 Happy Anniversary my Sweet Baboo! May we have many more years together. 

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At September 2, 2011 at 6:38 AM , Blogger Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Happy anniversary, Carol!
And does your husband know you just revealed your pet name for him to the whole world?


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