Monday, August 29, 2011

Book Review: Allon Book 3 Heir Apparent

About the Book:
After a resounding defeat at the and of King Ellis' forces, Emperor Kamu of Moroven sends and ambassador to Allon offering a royal marriage between one of his daughters, Princess Kaleana, and sixteen-year-old Prince Nigel. 

Kaleana gives Nigel a jade statue as a gift of goodwill. Avatar, Nigel's Guardian Overseer, reacts with hostility to the foreign statue and urges him to get rid of it. but his warning has little effect on the smitten prince. Soon, strage things start happening: unknown creatures appear, mysterous stones are discovered, and every event threatens thte lives of the royal family.

Avatar is convinced the jade statue is the sorce of the trouble. For Nigel, each incident intensifies a secret disturbance-nightmares that haunt him about his future. Where does the connection lie-in Nigel's nightmares or is everything the result of revenge disguised as a dowry?

My Review
 The third book in the Allon series is my favorite book in the series so far.  It deals with coming of age and having trying to find the balance between being who you are and becoming an adult. I totally identify with Tristine. I too was a tomboy growing up and ad a hard time butting my tom-boyishness aside when I grew up.  The surprise twist in the story totally caught me off guard! I can't tell you anymore or I'll give it away.
The book also deals with family laying asside their differnces and coming together when tragedy strikes. 
Heir apparent is a wonderfuler light read filled with action and adventure. Once you get started reading you won't be able to put it down.  I can't wait to get my hands on book four!
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About the Author
Shawn Lamb lives in Antioch, Tennessee, a suburb of Nashville with her husband Rob Lamb. Married for 25 years they have a daughter, Briana, who is pursuing a career in film.  

    Taking the skills learned from writing for children’s television along with experience dealing with children in AWANA and during her time in Civil Air Patrol working with teens, she began the Allon series.
     The result are stories of commitment, faith, and endurance; commitment to a cause, the faith to overcome obstacles and the endurance to see it through to the end. Begin the journey of discovering Allon with Ellis and Shannan as they seek to restore hope to the mortals of the kingdom and pave the way for the return of the mighty immortal Guardians.

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