Friday, June 15, 2012

Treasury of Healthy Living Book Review


Treasures of Healthy Living by Annette Reeder and Dr. Richard Couey

About the Book:
Did you know you can find the answer to many healthy problems in the pages of Scripture? Think of God's Word as a treasure map that leads straight to the healthy life you've always dreamed of. It reveals how you can move from a sickly, lackluster life to one that is full of energy and hope. This practical Bible Study will reveal the truth about the foods you eat and provide simple tools to begin improving your physical, emotional and spiritual health. You won't believe how much your life can change when you grab hold of the treasures God has provided for you. 

My Review:
I have to admit that when I recived this book I thought that it would be another "diet" book. I coudn't have been more wrong! This book deals with every part of your life and gives you the biblicial view of healthy living. I found this book to be very do-able. Each week broken down into daily segments with scriptural and pratical applications. The book is part of series and it's not really possible to do the study without the other two books (for more information on the books click here). I wish the three books could have been combined for practicality as well as affordability. Even without the companion books I think this book does any excellent job of teaching healthy living from a biblical perspective. 

The Authors:
Annette Reeder will lead you on this journey to biblical health-a journey she knows all too well, as her own family once traveled this same path to discover God's treasures. Annette is a biblical nutrition consultant and the founder of Designed Healthy Living, a consulting program that teaches individuals how to follow a biblical nutrition plan. She is also living, breathing, happy and healthy example of what a person can become when they find the Treasures of Healthy Living

Dr. Richard "Dick" Couey- Professor Emeritus of Health Sciences at Baylor University. Dr. Couey has spent nearly fifty years studying the physiology of the cell. He has especially studied how nutrition, exercise and stress affect the cell's biochemistry and physiology. Dr. Couey's students praise how Dr. Couey can make the complexities of the cell seem understandable. 
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