Monday, December 5, 2011

Book Review-A Question of Sovereignty (Allon Book 4)

About the Book:
He shall be Allon’s greatest king; of such a heritage as to rule Guardian and mortal alike – so says prophecy about the man to succeed Ellis, but he delays finding a husband for his daughter and heir, Ellan. Finally, he decides on Prince Sullivan of Gorham. Unknown, is that an age-old enemy is Sullivan’s mother and accompanies him to Waldron, while Ellan’s own ambition has waited for the right time to blossom. Ellan, Sullivan and his mother use subtlety to push the royal family to the brink. Even the Guardians are impacted by their dark machinations. Only Tristine and Darius suspect his mother’s identity. But their efforts to warn Ellis fail, reduces the Guardians in numbers and forces Tristine to flee Waldron. Determined to save her father, Tristine meets two unlikely allies: a blacksmith and a crippled beggar. But how can they stop a coup? And what will become of the Great King?           

My Review:
I have to admit, I doubted if Shawn Lamb could really keep the story going and interesting for 4 books. Well I was wrong! Yet again Shaw Lamb did an excellent job of keeping her readers engaged and entertained. Once I got started reading the book I couldn't put it down! I'm glad she answered some questions I had from previous books in the series.  I also love the suprises she puts in this book. I totally did not see some of them coming! Yet again Shawn Lamb has written another hit!

About the Author:
Shawn lives in Antioch, Tennessee, just outside Nashville with her husband of nearly 25 years and their college age daughter, Briana. Shawn pursued her love of writing and took it to a professional level, writing for the 1980s Filmation animated series "BRAVESTARR". Along the way, she won several screenwriting awards, including a Certificate of Merit from the American Screenwriters Association.

Taking the skills of writing for televison along with experience of working with kids and teens, she began work on the series ALLON. The results are stories of faith to believe and overcome obstacles, commitment to a cause, and the endurance to see it through to the end.

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