Friday, June 24, 2011

Udi's Gluten Free Bread Review

This post is purely my opinion of Udii's Gluten Free bread. No compensation was recieved. 

At Udi’s Gluten Free Foods, our artisan bakers are devoted to creating breads and pastries that look and taste like traditional baked goods. We bake to share—in flavor, in nutrition and in happiness. Particularly the happiness our fans express when tasting our gluten-free baked goods for the first time. All of our delicious products are baked daily in our 100% dedicated gluten-free facility located in Denver, Colorado.

If you want gluten free baked goods that don't taste "gluten free" than this is the bread for you! :)They have a variety of baked good available for your tasting pleasure from bread , to cookies, to granola even cinnamon rolls and much much more.
I recently noticed Udi's at my local grocery store. I didn't realize what they were at first. I just happened to be walking through the bakery section headed to the deli when I saw them. I was immediatley excited when I saw the package. I had heard from other gluten free bloggers that Udi's was the penical of gluten free products. I was a little bit hestant thought because so many gluten free products are dry and tasteless. I bought the Double Chocolate Muffins

I tried the muffins when I got home. At first I was disappointed. The muffin was very crumbly and made a mess everywhere. It was also dry. I felt cheated. After all the hype I couldn't believe it. I decided to give it one more try though. This time I bought the blueberry muffins. I'm so glad that I did. They were awesome! So rich, most and full of flavor! They were so tastey that I ate two of them at one time. I haven't have a blueberry muffin that tastey since I've gone gluten free two years ago! Thank you Udi's! I can wait to taste more of your wonderful products.

To find out more about Udi's gluten free foods click here. One their website they have recipes, a place to purchase Udi's online and you can even get a dollar off coupon. Enjoy!

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