Friday, June 17, 2011

Fragmented Friday

Time to join Mrs. 4444 for Friday Fragments to drop all the bits and pieces of thought from the week. Enjoy! :)

  • It's been hot this week and our AC decided to act up. Thank goodness it's finally working decent. I don't know how people did it back in the old days. Okay I do know. They didn't have it so they didn't miss it they just took care of business.
  • Since it's been so hot we have been eating more salads and fresh veggies. I am not normally a salad or veggie person but they are so good. I think I could get use to this
  • Been going back to the gym since school has been out. It feels good to be working out again. 
  • I have discovered a wonderful online magazine called Curvy Girl Guide. I love it! It's like Blogher but geared specifically for voluptuous girls like me. You can check it out here. 
  • Fathers Day is this weekend. I really wished I lived closer to my dad. Good news end I should get to see him end of July! :)
  • We are going to see my father in law Saturday and go to dinner with him and his family. Good times. 

What's your week been like? I hope it's been wonderful! :)
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At June 17, 2011 at 12:40 PM , Blogger Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Now you know why the settlers continued to plod westward!

At June 17, 2011 at 1:51 PM , Blogger Beth Zimmerman said...

I'll check out Curvy Girl. Thanks! I'm glad you got the AC working! It has been HOT already! I'm loving salads right now too! Such a wonderful summer food ... especially drowned in blue cheese dressing! :)


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