Friday, September 10, 2010

Book Review: For Time and Eternity

Book Description:
When Camilla Deardon hears their songs coming on a breeze, they sound just like the songs in her own church. This is all she knows of the Mormons camping near her family's farm. Mama and Papa warned her to stay away, but she doesn't understand their fear, especially after meeting a young Mormon man named Nathan Fox. So handsome. So charming. His eyes hold the very image of this Zion he talks about, and his step seems a promise to take her there.
Though Camilla knows she should obey her parents, she can't refuse her heart. But Nathan's promises can never prepare her for what she will face in Utah. She's been willing to share her husband's faith, but can she share her marriage with another woman?

My Review:
This book gives insight into the every day life and beliefs of the Mormons. It also compares what they believe to the Bible. All the while this book makes for a delightful and easy read. I only have one complaint about the book-the ending. The Author draws the reader into the story, then leaves the reader hanging at the end wondering how there could possibly be any sort of resolution for the mess that Camilla Deardon is in. Estranged from her parents and her past, she's torn between the children she loves with all her heart, a husband whom she loves despite many marital complications, and the reality that she simply cannot stay where she is.  We have to wait till the Summer of 2011 to find out what happens to Camilla. I'll be looking forward to seeing how the story ends.  I much prefer stand-alone books that are joined by a common thread, each having its own plot. 

The Author:

Allison Pittman is a writer, writing trainer, mother, teacher, speaker, actress and comedian. You can find out more about Allison by checking out her website:


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