Tuesday, August 17, 2010

An Oasis in a Martha world (women's retreat update)

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending a women's retreat at my church. It was fantastic! Our theme for the day was: Recipie for Life-feasting on God's Grace. We had speakers come in talk about gardening and keeping the first thing first. It was such a blessing just to be with other women and fellowship with them. I don't know about ya'll but I feel like women as a whole, myself includeded, never take time for ourselves! There's always something that needs to be done or we think that needs to be done and we never take time for ourselves or our Savior.
We  need to be need to be Mary instead of Martha! Spend time resting or doing something that you love. Most importantly of all spend time with our Lord. I love what our devotional book from the retreat says, "The message of the cross must remain the "main thing" in our lies. And the main thing-the main ingredient-in our forgiven, abundant, and eternal lives is Jesus' death on the cross and subsequent resurrection. Yes, the main thing is to keep the main thing!"
This was truly an awesome day! I can't wait for the next retreat. I think that they are going to make it an annual event at our church. I will be sharing more in the coming weeks from the retreat. Stay tuned! :)

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At August 17, 2010 at 3:40 PM , Blogger Clarissa Draper said...

Sounds like fun. They sure gave you a lot of stuff.


At August 17, 2010 at 3:48 PM , Blogger welcome to my world of poetry said...

Seems like fun, Pleased you had a good time.


At August 17, 2010 at 7:26 PM , Blogger Diana said...

What a great blessing!

At August 17, 2010 at 9:27 PM , Blogger Wanda said...

Sounds like a wonderful event.


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