Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Me Time

I believe in this ever changing fast paced world that me time has become increasingly important. WebMd says: "Recent research has shown that women today are less happy than they have been over the past 40 years." There are many theories about why, but  I  believe that the lack of free time can be a major reason.
I am guilty of taking care of everything and everyone else and putting myself last all too often. I am really trying hard to work on that this year. Here are my favorite things to do for "me time".

1. Bubble Baths-I love bubble baths. I don't know what it is about it. Maybe it's the bubbles or my lavender scented bubbles but I always come out refreshed and restored. Plus I don't think it hurts that I lock the door sometimes . :)

2. Drawing- I have always loved to draw.  It's just therapeutic for me. Even though people some people say my art work looks it was done by a third grader I still like them! I will be adding more pieces to my page soon. I'd love to have you check out my artwork and tell me what you think. You can view my work here.

3. Baking- My mom and my grandmother were always in the kitchen baking something when I was growing up. Naturally I have followed in their footsteps.  When life gets crazy you'll find me in the kitchen baking away. I don't know what about baking relieves stress but it's certainly not cleaning up the mess afterwards. Maybe it's working with my hands or just simply trying to feed my incurable sweet tooth. Notice I say baking. I love to bake but I don't like to cook. Baking has definitely become more challenging since going gluten free but more about that in another post coming soon!

Well there you have it. The things I like to do for me time. What do you like to do when you take time for yourself?

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