Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Marika Sports Bra Review

The more I run  the more I realize the importance of proper apparel-particuarly sports bras. This need is particularly important for curvy girls such as myself  who seek to be active. Well ladies I have found the perfect sports bra for the plus size woman who wants to be active.  Enter Marika Fitness:

Marika specializes multi-active wear. By combining fitness basics, technical fabrications, and functional fashion pieces with lifestyle elements, the Marika brand has remained popular for over 25 years.

They have active wear for every size woman. It is difficult for curvy women to find sports wear that fits and supports without paying a huge price. I'm happy to report that Marika does both. I can work out without having to worry about back killing me or chaffing from not enough support.  Their sports bras average between $45-50. Marika is easy on the girls as well as the budget! :)

In short I recommend Marika multi-sports active wear for anyone who's looking for great product at a great price.
This review is purely my own. I was not compensated by Marika or Rock Fit LLC in any way. 
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